Digital Underwater Photography – Jon Borg

Jon Borg is an experimental, reportage and street photographer who’s work has expanded and evolved to include showcasing the hidden gems of Malta’s pristine underwater paradise. From divers, to caves, marine life and relics from past, nothing escapes his roaming lens. 

Born on 29th November in Malta, Jon has developed a knack of bringing the joy of diving to the public’s digital doorstep. Rarely seen sea creatures, ship wrecks, diving buddies and underwater scenery that leaves the viewer with a feel-good sensation. His work is realistic and down to earth. 

Besides local photography, Jon finds himself traveling to destinations such as Tibet, Burma, Nepal, Jordan, Morocco and India, which always nourishes his creative spirit and thirst for shooting different cultures in authentic day to day surroundings. Such countries have also fuelled his passion for experimental photography; the absence of light pollution in remote areas allows him to dive into the night sky and capture breathtaking images.