Taran Arrigo


Taran Arrigo, full-time dive instructor and lover of the deep blue. Taran developed his sea legs at a young age and has since never looked back.


Taran Arrigo  started his diving career in the summer of 2007 with his father Edward Arrigo at their family-run school in Sliema, Malta.

Upon completion of his PADI courses, up to Divemaster level, and discovering all the exciting sites around the islands, he then decided to go a step further and completed his SDI OWI and SSI AOW Certification.

Having a father as a scuba diver instructor, as well as a pioneer in the field of underwater sports, had a lot of influence on Taran, so much so, that he got his first taste of the underwater world at the tender age of 10.To date, Taran and his father run the diving school during the busy summer months and always enjoy teaching and passing on the thrill of scuba diving in Malta to their local regulars, as well as to foreign divers who are interested in seeing what Malta’s seas have to offer.

He has dived in Australia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand but believes, nothing beats diving in the blue water of Malta.


His specialities include, Wreck, Buoyancy, Deep, Computer and Navigation and Nitrox. Taran also happens to be a licensed boat driver.

Taran is an easy-going person that gets on with everyone and is always ready to go out of his way to make the diver happy so that their diving experience in Malta is unforgettable.

‘ The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever’ Jacques Cousteau