Jeffrey Pappalardo


Maltese scuba diver by profession, Jeffrey Pappalardo’s passion for diving was influenced by his brother in March 1998 when his curiosity got the better of him and forced him to enter the underwater world and start blowing bubbles.


Jeffrey Pappalardo, once a 16-year-old curious boy, went on his first dive with a well-known dive center in the south of the island with one of their qualified instructors.

Fitting perfectly into his brother’s equipment and easily performing the required skills on his first logged dive, Jeffrey practically booked his CMAS 1 star diver training program whilst still underwater.
The 2 and 3 star CMAS diving courses were done by February, 1999. From then on, diving became a way of life for Jeffrey. With three dives per week, it wasn’t long before Jeffrey had discovered most of the diving sites around the three Maltese Islands – Malta, Gozo and Comino.

Summer ‘99 saw Jeffrey crossing over to PADI organisation completing all courses from Open Water to Rescue Diver.
This was immediately followed by an internship towards becoming a dive master and later a diving instructor. This involved 3 years internship with a diving school where his roles included driving a large vehicle carrying 20 divers to various dive sites around the Maltese Islands.

This was the start of a promising future with diving as his profession. However his intentions were beyond those of teaching others how to dive. One day during the peak season, he decided that the technical side of diving including servicing diving regulators and cylinders and the maintenance of high pressure compressors, was more appealing. This led to Jeffrey having carried out all the responsibilities possible in a successful diving center.
Finally, he landed his job with one of Malta’s leading importers and suppliers of Malta’s sports and commercial diving equipment.
After building 2 years of experience in servicing diving equipment such as regulators and cylinders and carrying out the necessary courses with the leading brands Mares and Scubapro, intense technical diving training with the Civil Protection Department of Malta followed. These included Gas Blending and Advanced Gas Blending with Technical Diving International (TDI) followed by Nitrox Diver, Advanced Nitrox Diver, Inspiration Air Diluent, Advanced Trimix Diver and Advanced Trimix Closed Circuit.

After a series of dives around the Maltese Islands, with a maximum depth of 111m, Jeffrey decided to obtain the Advanced Power Boat Commercial License and acquire his own commercial diving boat. In this way, he could embark on his searches for unknown shipwrecks around the islands. By the end of 2010, he had explored 21 dive sites and could easily guide divers through them.
He further enhanced his experience by moving to the sales department catering for dive centers, dive shops, dive clubs and any other type of industrial commercial diving organisations.


After a further year of studying to become a qualified boat master, and a full summer of escorting groups of technical divers to various undiscovered wrecks and deep dive sites, he followed a course in order to become a qualified boat engine driver for commercial use.

Finally, he joined forces with fellow diver and friend Taran Arrigo in deciding to launch this website in order to encourage divers from around the globe to venture on diving trips in the Maltese islands.